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[10 Jun 2010|11:34pm]

52 Blur icons HERE
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"I'm definitely going to do a few more of those 7ins" [12 May 2010|01:30pm]

Um I don't know if anyone knows about this, but I would find it weird if I was bringing this as brand new information since I usually get all my Blur news from you guys. ANYWAYS HERE IT BE.

Asked how he felt about Blur, Albarn told the NME: "I'm definitely going to do a few more of those 7ins and at some point in the undetermined future there will be a record at the end of it.

"I love the no pressure aspect. Just going in the studio and recording it in a day is something we haven't done since the B-sides in the early days."

But fans may have to wait a while as Albarn said it would not be possible to record a whole album in the near future.

The Gorillaz singer said: "We can't do it all the time, so I don't want anyone to think there's an album coming soon, it's not possible, but we've got songs!"


So.. YAY. I'm sad to say I missed the whole Blur thing the first time around. (I'M SLOW OK??) I mean we had the albums in our house as a kid, but I was never the hardcore music fan that I am now. Anyways my boyfriend took me to one of the Hyde Park gigs and it was THE BEST THING EVAH. My shoe fell apart during the gig and I had to walk through London with one decent shoe and one literally disintergrating as I walked. FUN TIMES. But GOD would I be pissed off if that was the only piece of Blur I ever managed to experience.
It's safe to say that I'm a huge fan now and we queued up ridiculously early on Record Store Day to get a copy of the 7" and oh my GAWD do I adore that track. Anyways, enough of my rambling. What I'm trying to say is... THIS IS AWESOME.

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[21 Apr 2010|11:24am]

Just ran across this and thought it was worth sharing . . . In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, you can download a new(!) Blur track for free off of the front page of the Blur website right now. The track, "Fool's Day", was released as a limited single for Record Store Day in the UK.

According to the site:


Blur’s new song Fool’s Day recorded especially for Record Store Day has sold out on limited edition 7 inch vinyl record. Fool’s Day was available across the UK at independent music retailers participating in Record Store Day. 1000 7 inch vinyl copies were pressed.

Blur’s manager Chris Morrison has said it is important that the song was made available to fans legally. "To avoid fans having to illegally obtain an inferior copy of this track from pirate sites – we have made it freely available through the band’s website".

Note -- the track is available in two forms, an MP3 and a WAV file. The MP3 that's on the site now is truncated for some reason -- it cuts off at the guitar solo at 2:25. The full track length is 3:27. So at least until they get it fixed, you're better off downloading the WAV. Edit: This has been fixed, the MP3 file is the correct length now.
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Awww [11 Jan 2010|11:11am]

[ mood | happy ]

Any Edgar Wright fans in the house? Edgar recently posted a blog post where he lauded Graham Coxon and Blur (as part of his "Top 30 tracks of 2009"):

27 > Dead Bees | Graham Coxon
Always been a fan of Graham Coxon’s solo work, so great to have another excellent solo effort in the same year at Blur’s triumphant reunion tour (which I missed entirely while in Toronto).

I thought that was sweet. :) Too bad he didn't get to go to a concert though!
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Assorted icons, incl. Damon/blur [06 Jan 2010|11:10pm]

[1-31] - Crime and Punishment [32-35] - John Simm
[36-61] - Thom Yorke/Radiohead [62-72] - Damon Albarn/blur
[73-81] - The Clash
                                                    At my journal...
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Popstar to Opera Star? [05 Jan 2010|01:04pm]

Not sure if this has been posted here already (if it has been, I'll delete!) but today whilst snooping about the internet I came across this new gem of an ITV program.



Can eight singers from the world of pop transform their voices and master the art of opera? Find out as we join hosts Myleene Klass and Alan Titchmarsh for ITV’s sensational new singing show, Pop Star To Opera Star.

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh and McFly singer Danny Jones join a glittering celebrity line-up preparing to warble their way into the nation’s hearts.

They've already conquered the pop world - but will they hit the high notes en route to operatic success? See all the celebs taking part below.

And guess who will be taking part??

None other than...

Alex James: The Blur star swaps Glasto for Grand Opera.

All I have to say is I hope this will be brilliant(ly awful). I cannot wait.
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Blur doco being released in theatres! [30 Nov 2009|02:05am]


This is awesome news - the footage looks incredibly clear, and to be able to experience it on the wide screen/surround sound? Next best thing to being there. Who wants to go with me?
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[28 Nov 2009|12:35am]

There's an audio interview with Damon online at the Guardian, and it's about 40 minutes long on "about what the music of the noughties meant to him." I thought it said "nineties" for about a minute, until I realized that apparently this decade is referred to as the "noughties." ~the more you know~~ You can download the whole interview on the website.

I'm about halfway through listening to it and, as usual, he's sort of a downer on Blur coming back again (but it's not bringing me down, ty documentary news!). And LOL, he didn't want the BBC to film Glasto at all, because he wanted it to be a ~ritual experience~ with the crowd. OH DAMON. But, so far, it's super interesting and it's nice to hear Damon's perspective on music and things in general.


edit: some quotes from the interview on this page;

On Blur, the reunion, being a frontman once more

That was really strange... It was a very disciplined time. I stopped drinking entirely. I dropped making this new Gorillaz record, which had been all consuming, for three months, which was really difficult at the time. Bit by bit we got back to the level where we had been in our prime. Where it was stadiums and everybody singing and very euphoric. And then after the last gig in Scotland I got on the train and left it all behind. That's it, I haven't thought about it since. For me, it was so nice to do that again and to know that I had left on a good note with Graham, Alex and Dave, but I didn't come off stage thinking, "I'm a rock star!" at all. I really didn't. It was really strange. I loved every second of it and I felt the songs had lasted and there had – kind of, in a way – been a vision of Britain as it is now... but then when it had finished it was like, we've all got to get on with our lives now. It was like a really nice holiday and a really nice treat and a great honour to experience. You can't underestimate the feeling of a 100,000 people at Glastonbury just singing every word back to you... it's an incredible feeling... it's unbelievable ...
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[16 Nov 2009|11:14pm]

Forgive me for repost from my tumblr, but!


Blur official web site was updated! Does it mean that we can have a hope on the future?
Please! Please! Say yes!
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Franz Ferdinand, Blur, The Horrors, & Manic Street Preachers icons [15 Nov 2009|07:36pm]

8 Blur, 9 Franz Ferdinand, 17 The Horrors, 22 Manic Street Preachers, + 3 request icons.

1 2 3

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Damon News [11 Nov 2009|10:16am]

[ mood | whutt ]

Sorry this is only tangentially Blur-related but I needed more people to squee with about this...

1) Comics writer Alan Moore (Watchmen) will write libretto to Damon and Jamie's FOLLOW UP TO MONKEY: JOURNEY TO THE WEST

2) Soon 'Face' will no longer be the only acting credit on Damon's record, as he will be starring in the film 'Buskers' with Mos Def and Kevin Spacey

Many thanks to the Victorian Horror blog for the info!



I was literally just thinking about the whole acting thing yesterday coz Face came on TV and my father was watching it and it was all kinds of hilarious coz I walked into the room just as the bar scene was on. Yes I own it, have seen it twice, and know which scenes he's in - what of it?

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[31 Oct 2009|02:28pm]

a nice long interview with graham in uncut magazine's dec issue. huge scans under the cut (ty to panny from graham's forum for them!)

clickyCollapse )

as usual, ilu graham, never change, precious, ect
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Britpop Forum [19 Oct 2009|12:24am]


Please join the Britpop forum for all things related to the bands from that era.

If this isn't allowed I'll delete it asap =)
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Merch question [15 Oct 2009|01:03pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Many of you have probably noticed the scans of the Hyde Park programme that are now up at the Blur Scans Daily tumblr. I have the programme but I never noticed the merch page has shirts that don't appear to be offered in the actual online store. (Maybe they sold out? But I don't remember them ever being there, even back in the summer right after the shows.)

the scan in questionCollapse )

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"I want to have sex with his voice" [30 Sep 2009|11:18pm]

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Alex on Buzzcocks! [30 Sep 2009|09:33am]

I seriously can't wait till this airs and is put on YT... Peter Serafinowicz AND Alex talking about cheese? HEAVEN!

P.S. Unrelated, but speaking of twitter, has anyone noticed @grahamcoxon's bizarre posts of late? Well except the most recent one which is obviously about building his shed lol.
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[29 Sep 2009|10:59am]

new graham interview here.

all of it's interesting (he's done a soundtrack for a film! he's building a shed!), but here are the blur bits:

How was going from playing solo to going back to being in Blur?
It was great. Yeah, it was good because all of our rehearsals were a bit ropey, and pretty worrying at times. But then when we started rehearsing intensely for two weeks solidly and there was one day when we tapped into…whatever it is, and things were staring to sound really fucking great, excuse my French, and suddenly it was a really enjoyable thing to be doing. I mean, that’s a great job – a huge stage, huge audience and really great food backstage. You’ve got a massive set of speakers, your favourite guitar, and your distortion pedals plugged in. Life doesn’t get that much better.

They must have been very emotional gigs.
It was brilliant because when we got back together all the problems had evaporated, and it made me think about how serious the problems were in the first place. Everyone had their own ideas, and would make dramatic statements about what had happened between Damon and me, but actually nothing much did. I think we just needed a break.

And you’re not going to record more blur stuff…
I don’t know! Everyone’s gone back to doing their busy things that they do, but I am up for more, I thought it was really nice. I thought we played well much better than we used to.

I definitely think you should do more. Feel free to go back and tell the band that.
I’ll have a word with Damon. It’s so hard to get hold of Damon though; he’s so busy all the time. He’s mentally busy.

What’s he doing? Listening to World Music?
He’s finishing the Gorillas album, which I think it gonna be mental, it’s gonna be a mental record . And we’ve got some really great cheese to look forward to from Al, and I’m gonna have a meet up with Dave soon, to chew the fat. Yeah I think he wanted to chew the fat, so that’ll be good. And I’ve got some gigs coming up later as well.

aww, so graham likes gorillaz now, and yay cheese.


ETA: New Graham video interview on the NME, here. He says they're not talking about any new shows or making music together. IDC I STILL HAVE IRRATIONAL/DELUSIONAL HOPE.
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Damon Albarn as musical director of the London 2012 Olympics? [24 Sep 2009|04:33pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Assuming London gets its act together and finishes all the facilities in time, it really really really could happen!

There is nothing this guy can't do. *swoon*

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random updates [23 Sep 2009|12:33am]

1. Graham on Gonzo (embedding isn't working, for some reason).

I'm watching it now but LOL at his driving impression in the first 10 seconds of being on the couch. Also, superficially speaking, HIS HAIR HE LOOKS GOOD.

2. Oh, and Graham talking about influential albums in the NME blog.

3. And some radio thing here (in the last half hour).

4. 2 precious semi-new graham pictures
hereCollapse )

5. Alex interview from 1997. You can stream it here, or download it here. It's 24 minutes and it's Alex being very Alex.

6. Also, a more recent radio thing with Alex. He co-hosted the BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show a few days ago and you can stream it here or download it here (thank you to FTR from the forums!). It's really long (180 minutes), but even the first 20 minutes are worth a listen (that's all I've listened to thus far) because HIS KIDS ARE PRECIOUS. THAT'S ALL.

7. Oh and some pics from the radio show:

never change, alex james
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[22 Sep 2009|03:29pm]

Just thought I'd remind everybody that Graham will be on Gonzo tonight, MTV2 at 9pm GMT. :)

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